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We Up Sports

We Up Sports
Tools Used

Company Brief

We Up Sports is a community of high level athletes that all have single common goal which is to inspire and push each to get 1% better everyday. The community started with Femi Adowesu, Captain of Penn State Men's Soccer Team, creating a series of videos consistently showing the work & dedication he puts in as a division 1 student athlete. This grew into a massive following of people on the same pursuit of achieving more in their athletic careers.

Project Brief

a Pre-Launch website was originally established for We Up Sports in-order to gather a legitimate subscriber base before launch. RAM Agency designed a simplified form ensure that prospective customer received instant notifications on the much anticipated launch day. This lead to 300 email submissions before a single product ever launched. The primary hurdle for We Up Sports lay in communication the wide array of features it offered while maintaining simplicity in presentation. The features consist of sports trainers, a membership training group, and entire range of We Up Clothing.