Website Case Study


Tools Used

Company Brief

Dr.Lisa Leslie Williams is a holistic health and wellness doctor that specializes in healing practices through proper diet. She has taken years of lived experiences and education to formulate a guide on a healthier way to treat our bodies by using food as our medicine. The practices and lessons in her book force people to questions the way they indulge food and make them reconsider a healthier way of eating.

Project Brief

Dr. Lisa needed a pre-launch and an official launch for her website to accompany her well anticipated book launch. We successfully ran an email automation campaign to simultaneously add all form participates into a specific subscriber group within their email software. We also made sure to highlight additional recipes that are included within the book. Their digital presence has enabled their company to build some prestigious connections. We're also happy to say that 'Be Fine' by Dr.Lisa Leslie Willliams is available in Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, India Bound & Rakuten.