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Red Moon Recovery

Red Moon Recovery
Tools Used

Company Brief

Red Moon Recovery is a holistic sports recovery program tailored for elite athletes, with a unique focus on the needs of female competitors. Blending mental training and physical therapy, the program leverages the expertise of its founders: Shelia's extensive coaching background and Samara's physiotherapy experience. The core philosophy centers on understanding an athlete's individual menstrual cycle and its impact on performance and recovery.

Project Brief

The Red Moon Recovery website is envisioned as a central hub for athletes, coaches, and enthusiasts to access the program's unique methodologies and insights. Designed to be user-friendly and informative, the site will house resources on the importance of understanding the female menstrual cycle in sports, expert insights from Shelia and Samara, and detailed descriptions of the Red Moon protocols. Additionally, it will feature success stories, testimonials, and a dedicated section for showcasing the journeys of athletes who have benefited from the program. The ultimate aim is to foster a global community passionate about holistic athlete recovery and performance.