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Print Palace

Print Palace
Tools Used

Company Brief

Print Palace is a full service print shop that specializes in bulk T-Shirt orders for luxury and business clientele. With their wide array of options, it enables any business of any size to receive all their marketing collateral in one place. Whether it may be van stickers, car wraps, business cards, flyers, or t-shirts; Print Palace can provide it for you and have it ready in a timely matter.

Project Brief

When Print Palace contact RAM Agency, they were in the start of a rebrand. They wanted to get rid of their old 3 P's motto and transition into a new identity. This identity would be clearer to public and establish themselves as a print company leader rather than spreading their services so thin that nothing was being completed at its highest level. RAM Agency helps redefine Print Palace and created a google presence that has been able to consistently bring in calls on a weekly basis for the Print Shop.