Website Case Study

RJO Cars

RJO Cars
Tools Used

Company Brief

RJO Cars is a full service social media agency for Car Dealerships in Southern California. They've been able to redefine the automotive marketing landscape by leveraging the power of high end videography, commercial production and strategic social media campaigns. RJO Cars has been able to consistently direct prospective car buyers to car dealerships all over Southern California.

Project Brief

RJO Cars turned to RAM Agency in the initial stages of their business launch. RJO Cars was poised to revolutionize social media for car dealerships all over Southern California but they needed a digital presence in order to be taken seriously. The first day of onboarding we knew the central problem in crafting a website for RJO would be to find a brand that resonated with the company's innovative approach to marketing. We tackled this tasked by embedding a video link prominently featured on the homepage.